A Lifer Released is about Mark Humphries and his story from a life sentence to the future. In this blog he will discuss all things concerning criminal justice, prison, prison education and life in general.

Mark Humphries was sentenced to (Discretionary) life imprisonment in 1993, and served 10 years on a 4 year tariff. He served time at the following establishments HMPs Bedford, Wormwood Scrubs, Grendon, Leyhill, Bristol, Sudbury. He was released in 2003 and relocated to Peterborough and then to Norfolk.

Since 2011 Mark has been recalled three times; twice for offending and then the last time was for an argument that he had with another Approved Premises (AP) resident. Both people were recalled even though no criminal activity took place, and no further charges were brought against either. Mark was released in February 2018.

Since that time he has been further involved with Greener Growth and other organisations that work both in prison and outside the high walls and fences with prisoners and ex-prisoners. At the time of drafting this page he is awaiting a contract of employment with a prison education company.

Further blogs and pages will be published shortly